Our Vision for These Days

Our Vision for These Days 1: A Recovery of the Biblical Gospel
Albert N. Martin

Now in addressing the subject Our Vision for These Days, I want to make a dual disclaimer. We claim no extraordinary or direct commission from God to these things. None of us has had a visitation in the middle of the night, let alone in the middle of the day, in which God has spoken to us by the voice of an angel or an audible voice from Heaven articulating those things which ought to be the focal point of our concern as we seek to minister in our own generation, and so in using those terms we claim no extraordinary commission; furthermore, we claim no exclusive commission to these concerns. More >>

Stewards Are to Be Found Faithful

Our Vision for These Days

Our Vision for These Days 2: A Return to Biblical Holiness

Albert-N-MartinAlbert N. Martin

Now, I take up with you the second element of Our Vision for These Days, namely, a renewal of biblical holiness. What I purpose to do in the time allotted is to speak of our vision for these days with reference to a renewal of biblical holiness under these three headings. First of all: the centrality of holiness in the purposes of redemptive grace. Secondly: the indispensability of holiness in the application of redemptive grace. Then: a sketch of the theology of holiness in the outworking of redemptive grace.

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Our Vision for These Days 3: A Return to Biblical Churchmanship

Albert-N-MartinAlbert N. Martin

Now, we come to take up the third of these things that constitute our vision, not in a sense that we have had some supernatural revelation, but the word “vision” being used synonymous with our perspective concerning the great need of these days. The third strand of our vision of these days is what I have entitled “A Return to Biblical Churchmanship.”

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Our Vision for These Days 4: A Restoration of Biblical Preaching

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Believing that the vast majority of you are already convinced of the primacy of preaching and the saving purposes of God, I have chosen to take no time to establish that fundamental tenet of the things most surely believed among us, but assuming that we are agreed in that conviction, I pass on directly to the subject of our vision for a restoration of biblical preaching. If we are to pray for such a restoration, if we are to labor for such a restoration, and if we are to recognize the answer to our prayers and measure our progress in sanctified endeavor for the restoration for biblical preaching, we must begin with giving, at least, the main concerns which identify such preaching.

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